Omnetics Quick Lock USB 3.0

Genalog are proud to announce the launch of Omnetics’ latest product, the “Quick Lock” USB 3.0.

Unlike anything else engineered by Omnetics, flex pins and sockets are not present in this product, the Omnetics Quick Lock USB 3.0 encompasses SuperSpeed “Type A” connectors sealed inside a rugged, battlefield tested and proven IP67 housing to ensure that the users achieve the highest levels of reliability, whilst still meeting the USB 3.0 high-speed digital expectations.
The Quick Lock USB 3.0 connectors come as standard; in-line as well as in panel mount configurations. The male plugs come prewired in a tough environmentally sealed overmold, while the female board and panel mount connectors are available in dual row surface mount or through hole version terminations ofr convenient direct board assemblies or wired for convenient routing to other areas of the systems.

The Quick Lock USB 3.0 product line meets the electrical parameters outlined in the newest USB 3.0 standard, and does so in a package that allows users the ability to mate and de-mate in a rapid fashion without any tools (even when the operator is wearing heavy gloves).

Once mated, this ruggedized high-speed connection is secure and waterproof to IP68 standards, and unlike ruggedized USB connectors packaged in the MIL-DTL-38999 circular standard, the Omnetics Quick Lock USB 3.0 form factor utilizes a 32% smaller panel area footprint, is 4x lighter and can be directly coldered to a designers PCB.