ebm-papst have a small range of pumps available to their customers and come in two forms.

The range includes:

  • The Submersible Circulation Pump
  • Dosing Pump

Whether for beverage tapping units, washing machines, condensing clothes dryers, or other industrial applications, the ebm-papst production range includes special pumps for specific and defined application areas.

pumps_100x100The Submersible Pump:

Submersible circulation pumps offer the highest performance and reliability for pumping low-viscosity media such as water, condensate or soap and water mixtures, or for circulating coolants in beverage tapping units.


The Dosing Pump:

Dosing pumps are the specialists for precision dispensing of high-viscosity media such as liquid detergent, fabric softener, oils, paints and lacquers, chemicals and so on.