Winchester Electronics have an extensive range of connectors.

Their range includes:

  • RF Connectors
  • Fibre Optic
  • Rack & Panel Connectors
  • D-Sub Connectors
  • PCB Connectors
  • Cadillac Connectors

Winchester-KINGS Connector Business Unit offers a wide range of RF and Multi-Pin Connectors used in a variety of industries including Broadcast, Military, Commercial Air, Telecommunications and Industrial. They offer a full range of standard products yet we specialize and focus on providing Expert Solutions for custom interconnection designs to help their customers solve their application problems.

KINGS® RF Connectors:kings_aerospace_connectors

Winchester's KINGS brand is one of the most comprehensive product offerings for a wide range of applications including Military (QPL), Aerospace, Commercial Air and Telecommunications. Our breadth of product includes SMA, BNC, TNC, N, C, SC as well as TRB and TRT connectors for triaxial cables. They also offer high voltage connectors including MHV, SHV, 10KV and 20KV interfaces. Subminiature BMA SMB, MCX, MMCX connector interfaces for commercial applications are also available.

KINGS® Broadcast RF Connectors:kings_other1

As a leader in interconnect solutions, Winchester's KINGS brand products have a long-established history as the preferred brand in the Broadcast industry, where innovative, high-quality interconnect solutions are essential for emerging technology.

Winchester Rack & Panel Connectors:rack_panel

Winchester KINGS Rack and Panel product line is one of the most comprehensive pin and socket style connector systems available for cable-to-cable, cable-to-panel, and cable-to-board applications. The extreme versatility of Winchester's Rack and Panel line allows this connector system to be used in a wide variety of industries including industrial, military, aerospace, instrumentation, and telecommunications.

Winchester Combination D-Sub Connectors:combo_d-sub

Combination D-Subminiature connectors provide a unique idea in packaging solutions by combining RF, Power, and Signal within industry standard D shell sizes and connector insert configurations. Power contacts are available in 10-, 20-, and 40-Amp versions. RF coaxial contacts are available in both 50- and 75-Ohm with a frequency rating up to 900 MHz. Winchester's 31-Series RF contacts are capable of operating up to 5 GHz and include a blind-mate contact interface design.