Conflict Minerals

With the passing of Section 1502 of the Dodd-Frank Act by US Congress, the use of conflict minerals in electronics has become an potential issue. As an ethically aware company we are committed to ensuring all products we supply are sustainable sourced and comply with all relevant legislation.

As a distributor and assembler of cable harnesses and looms Genalog is not involved in the direct sourcing of "Conflict Minerals". As such, attempting to maintain such complex data and make this available to our customers effectively would be ineffective and potentially inaccurate.

However, Genalog do realise that as a key component in our customers supply chain we have a responsibility to support and assist our customers with their due diligence responsibilities. As such we have compiled the follow resources to give the most accurate and up-to-date information.

Any of the following CMRT’s are a declaration as per the manufacturing company, not customer specific-product.

Supplier Statement EICC Template CMRT Download
Alpha Wire Click Here Click Here
Brady Click Here
EBM Papst Click Here
E-Tec Click Here Click Here CMRT
Harwin Click Here Click Here CMRT
ODU Click Here CMRT
Omnetics CMRT
Samtec Click Here Click Here CMRT

Information updated 03/02/2021