Genalog Is a Distributor for Feller (UK), together we offer a wide range of high quality power cords, cordsets and custom assemblies

Feller UK Ltd are an ISO9001:2008 approved manufacturer of power supply cables and cordsets for the electronic market. There are over 25 national plug types, 40 connector types and hundreds of combinations of these in current production. Cordsets/Power Supply Cables are available in various lengths and colours and can be supplied with screened or unscreened cordage.

Feller's in house bulk cable manufacturing gives greater flexibility and better colour matching between moulded ends and cables.

  • Flexible Cordsfeller_grey_cords
  • Ungrounded Plugs
  • Grounded Plugs
  • Ungrounded Connectors
  • Grounded Connectors
  • Data Coiled Cords

Feller's range of Flexible cords include the following:

  • Single Wiresfeller_coloured_cables
  • SPT Cords
  • Light Duty Cords
  • Heavy Duty Cords
  • Universal Cords - Harmonized plus UL/CSA listed
  • Ordinary Duty Cords
  • Shielded Power and Data Cords
  • Data and Telephone Cords

3-WAY Junction - The range of 3-way junction cord sets are available with a range or plugs, straight or right-angled connectors and a choice of covers.feller_3way

  • BS1363/A with 13amp fuse
  • VIIG Straight European
  • VII Right angled European
  • C14G Interconnector Male

Connector Variants

  • 3 Straight
  • 2 Straight / 1 Right angledfeller-connector-variants
  • 1 Straight / 2 Right angled
  • 3 Right angled