M300 Power Connectors – 10A on 3mm Pitch



Harwin’s M300 series brings a compact power solution to the High-Reliability portfolio, ideally suited for a wide variety of testing environments and conditions. Connectors are currently available in 3-contact single row, 6- and 10-contact double row. Vibration and shock resistant, compact power future-proofed.

M300 3.00mm Pitch

Housing and contact Kits


M300 Kits

Cable housings and contacts, sold separately. Pre-wired contacts available for prototyping and full production. See Accessories and Tooling for cable crimping and assembly tools.

M300 3.00mm Pitch

Cable Assemblies


Ready-to-use cabled connectors, single ended, fully inspected and tested. Backpotted for added strain relief. Ideal for both prototyping and full production requirements.


M300 3.00mm Pitch

PCB Connectors



Board-mounted connectors, Surface Mount or Throughboard. Low profile, with a variety of screw-lok or latching options.

M300 3.00mm Pitch

Tooling and Accessories


Associated products and tooling for the Gecko range.