Micro and Nano Strip Connectors



1.27mm (0.05") & 0.635mm (0.025") Pitch High-Reliability Connectors

Omnetics' Micro & Nano Nano Connector Series utilizes Omnetics' rugged and reliable Flex-Pin contact system. Micro is spaced on 1.27mm (0.05") centrelines and is specified to MIL-DTL-83513. These 50 mil (1.27mm) centre to centre low profile connectors are available in a wide variety of configurations, termination styles and latching options.

Omnetics' Nano Strip Connector Series is spaced on 0.635mm (0.025") centrelines, has a 9.0 mm mated length, and is specified to MIL-DTL-32139. They are designed for high shock and vibration conditions where space and weight are a premium. These ultra-low profile nano-miniature connectors are available in a wide variety of configurations to meet your board-to-board or cable-to-board interconnect requirements.

Micro Strip Connectors


Single Row SSB


Single Row PS1/PS2


Dual Row DRS


Dual Row DRP


Dual Row Offset SSO


Dual Row Offset PSM




Nano Strip Connectors


Single Row NSS


Single Row NPS


Dual Row NSD


Dual Row NPD