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Amo Special Cables Limited

UL   (various)

BS3G210   (PTFE)

DEF-STAN  61-12 PART 33/001

In Amokabel UKs factory in Leigh, they specialize in the manufacture of high-temperature cable designed to withstand extreme conditions at high temperatures, flames, and chemicals.

They have a wide range of products including PTFE wires and ETFE thermocouple cables for temperature sensing, and flame-retardant cables for use in mass transit. Amokabel also offer multi-conductor copper and fiber optic cables for applications in energy, industrial, and defense sectors.

Together Genalog and Amokabel will be servicing the below industry sectors as well as anywhere quality and realiable cable and wire is required.

Amokabel Flexishield Ltd

In Mansfield, Amokabel manufacture cables that are designed to be concealed in walls and building spaces less than 50mm deep. 

Its main feature is the safety mechanism that activates upon penetration by sharp metal objects, causing the cable to safely break at 200 amperes under such conditions. This allows for the activation of an MCB up to 40A type B or up to 20A type C, exceeding BS8436 requirements. The cable uses a bonded aluminium tape for excellent mechanical resistance and effective reduction of electrical interference. 

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