Genalog Is a Distributor for Samtec, together we offer a wide range of high quality, high speed, ruggedized interconnect products.

Samtec are an ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturer of connectors, board products and IDC cable assemblies, ranked no.1 by Bishop & Associates 10 years running (in USA). Samtec offer the facility to manufacture Application Specific Products designed to meet your specifications and can also provide samples within approximately three working days.

Samtec's vast product range covers the needs of all most any interconnection application with the New Flex circuits, EMI cages, High Speed and High Density products complimenting the range of standard headers, sockets and cable assemblies.

Samtec ranges include:

HIGH SPEEDsamtec_high_speed

  • 0.635mm pitch
  • 0.80mm pitch
  • Differential Pairs
  • Vertical & Edgemount designs
  • Mixed technology footprints available
  • Coaxial Cable assemblies
HIGH DENSITYsamtec_high_density
  • Design Flexibility up to 500 contacts
  • 0.635mm pitch
  • 1.27mm pitch
  • 2mm pitch
  • Surface Mount & Through hole
  • PC104+ applications

BOARD TO BOARDsamtec_board_to_board

  • Traditional Pin & Socket / Blade & Beam
  • Through Hole & Surface Mount
  • 1.27mm, 2mm & 2.54mm pitch
  • PC104 & PC104+
  • Flexible Shroud options for blind mating
  • Combination Terminal / Socket connectors

MICRO ONE PIECEsamtec_micro_one_piece

  • One piece interfaces for high shock/ vibration applications
  • Fewer components required
  • Micro connectors in pin & socket on 0.80mm and 1mm pitch
  • Blade & Beam on 0.50mm,0.635mm & 0.80mm pitch
  • Board stacking from 2,3mm through to 19mm
  • Pass through & Surface Mount

MICRO RUGGED POWERsamtec_micro_rugged

  • Storage Combo disk drive connectors
  • Power Plane
  • Micro pitch
  • Headers, Stackers & sockets for 15Amp, 7Amp & 3Amp systems
  • Align & Latch, IDC & discrete wire cable connectors
  • Power Mate™
  • Mini Mate™
  • One Piece Power

MICRO CARDsamtec_micro_card

  • 0.80mm pitch single unit connector systems
  • No connector required on card
  • Removable, reusable data storage
  • From 20 - 140 I/O's
  • SFP, XFP and Xenpak Tranceiver interfaces
  • Offset 0.80mm pitch
  • Picolight SFP cages available separately or as a kit with interface

CABLE INTERFACESsamtec_cable_interfaces

  • Choice of 1.27mm, 2mm & 2.54mm pitch for standard IDC assemblies
  • Discrete wire Align & Latch
  • Ejector headers with locking caps
  • ZIF/LIF Flex Circuits and connectors
  • Connector Terminated Datalinks
  • Custom Flex Circuits


  • Pin Grid Array (PGA)
  • IC Sockets
  • PLCC Sockets
  • Adaptor Plugs & Many application specific possibilities