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**BRAND NEW** Wraptor A6200

Wraptor A6500

ALF Automatic Label Feeder

Genalog is proud to introduce the Wraptor A6200 Wire ID Printer Applicator. The next step in speedy application of self-laminating labels, the A6200 is the compact version of the A6500, lending itself perfectly to cellular manufacturing. It is easily transportable between different workstations and just as effective in speeding up wire and cable identification compared to by hand or older tech. Affordable efficiency.

Wraptor™ A6500 Wire ID Printer Applicator. Automate your wire identification process. The Wraptor A6500 Wire Identification Printer Applicator can significantly increase production output by identifying cables with wrap-around labels in 5 seconds. The Wraptor automatically prints and applies the label on a wide range of insertable cables, saving up to 10 seconds per identified cable.

Fast, efficient and easy to use, the ALF Label Feeder offers automated label application at affordable prices. Labels are simply treated like any other component and placed with the accuracy of your pick and place machine. Its compact and durable design allows for flexibility and simplicity, bringing automated traceability within everyone’s reach.