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Wraptor A6200 Wire ID Printer Applicator. The next step in speedy application of self-laminating labels, the A6200 is the compact version of the A6500, lending itself perfectly to cellular manufacturing. It is easily transportable between different workstations and just as effective in speeding up wire and cable identification compared to by hand or older tech.

How much could you SAVE by automating your cable identification process?

Automated cable identification

Wrap-around labels

For cellular manufacturing and process-driven assembly, workstation flexibility is key to improving workflows. Here’s your opportunity to finally get what you need. Designed to increase efficiency, the Wraptor A6200 Wrap Printer Applicator;
• fits into tight spaces
• can be moved easily
• prints and wraps wires in 7 seconds

This makes the Wraptor A6200 a high-value, labour-saving solution that’s automated and affordable.