High Reliability Connector Systems





Specify high current and high quality for maximum power in extreme conditions with Harwin’s 8.5mm pitch Kona connector series, capable of achieving up to 60A and 3000V per contact. Individually shrouded contacts and the robust housings protect the connections from physical knocks and damage. Vibration and shock resilience are built into the design, with the 6-finger beryllium copper alloy contacts for electrical continuity and good spring force properties. Full gold plating resists wear from continued use and allows for 250 mating cycles. Low outgassing properties and a wide temperature range to withstand the most extreme environments. Cable-to-board configurations available with stainless steel mate-before-lock thumbscrew hardware for a fast, easy, and secure connection.

  • 60A and 3,000V per contact
  • Beryllium copper and gold plated 6-finger contact design to maintain electrical continuity
  • Withstands 100G shock and 20G vibration
  • Operating temperature range: -65°C to +150°C
  • 250 mating cycles durability
  • Individually shrouded contacts on male and female connectors
  • Stainless steel thumbscrews for easy fixing. Mate-before-lock with no additional tooling required.
  • Working Voltage: 1,500V AC/DC
  • UL94V-0 Rated
  • Ideal for COTS applications
  • Insulation resistance: 10GΩ at 1000V DC
  • Contact resistance: 2mΩ max
  • Low outgassing properties meet ESA requirements
  • Cable-to-board throughboard PCB mount
  • Readymade cable assemblies available to eliminate the need for tooling and crimping operations
  • AVIATION - Power control systems, in-flight infotainment and in-cabin services, navigation and flight systems
  • MOTORSPORT & EV’S - Battery control and monitoring systems, ERS control and supply, auxiliary system power, cabin systems
  • SPACE - Satellites & CubeSats, communications, launch systems, power supplies
  • DEFENCE & SECURITY - UAVs, rugged vehicle electronics, remote robotics drives, servo controls
  • HIGH-END INDUSTRIAL - Power units and power control systems, robotics drives and servo controls, mining or oil & gas power systems



For applications that must not fail, Harwin’s Gecko range offers a high-reliability connection at a miniature 1.25mm pitch. Capable of withstanding extremes of shock, vibration and temperature, the series features cable-to-board, board-to-board and cable-to-cable in pin counts up to 50. Beryllium copper, gold plated 4-finger contacts offer excellent current capacity for a miniature connector achieving 2A per contact (electrically loaded). Specify finger-release locking latches for a minimal PCB footprint or Mate-Before-Lok screw-lok hardware for maximum strain relief. The compact design offers significant space saving over Micro-D connectors making it an ideal solution for aerospace applications, with up to 45% smaller and 75% lighter over existing equivalent industry standards. Also available as the Gecko-MT range of mixed-layout connectors, up to 10A power contacts.


  • 2A per 4-finger beryllium copper, gold plated contact
  • Withstands 100G shock for 6ms and 20G vibration for 6hrs
  • Operating temperature range: -65°C to +150°C
  • 1000 mating cycles durability
  • Fully shrouded and polarised to prevent mis-mating
  • Working voltage: 450V AC-DC
  • UL94V-0 rated
  • Proven history in military and aerospace applications
  • Ideal for COTS applications
  • Low outgassing properties meet ESA requirements
  • Insulation resistance: 1GΩ min.
  • Contact resistance: 25mΩ max.
  • Through board, surface mount or crimp termination for all variations of board-to-board, cable-to-board or cable-to-cable.
  • Aviation – Avionic controls, guidance systems, engine controls, radar and tracking
  • Motorsport & EV’s – Navigation, AI, GPS and tracking equipment, communications and telemetry, ERS controls
  • Space – Satellites & CubeSats, radar, communications, launch systems
  • Defence & Security – UAVs, UUV and other ROV, ground communications, handheld portable equipment, rugged vehicle electronics



Achieve high-reliability performance in extreme conditions with the Datamate 2.00mm pitch connector range. Ensure continuous signal integrity under vibration and shock with Datamate’s patented four-finger beryllium copper, gold-plated contact. Increase security by specifying your choice of jackscrew hardware for maximum strain relief or locking latches for a minimal PCB footprint. The compact design is available in a wide array of configurations that allow for a low-profile connection. The Datamate range provides an ideal COTS solution for proven reliability in demanding applications.

  • 3A per contact (electrically loaded), beryllium copper and gold-plated
  • Four-finger contact design to maintain electrical continuity
  • Withstands 100G shock for 6ms and 10G vibration for 6hrs
  • Operating temperature range: -55°C to +125°C
  • 500 mating cycles durability
  • Fully shrouded and polarised to prevent mis-mating
  • Working Voltage: 800V AC-DC
  • Radar and tracking
  • Avionics controls
  • Guidance systems
  • UAVS
  • Radio communications
  • Vehicle electronics
  • Satellites and cubesats
  • Launch systems
  • Routers