EMC Shielding Solutions



The range of EMC Shielding (Board Level Shielding, BLS) products from Harwin are all designed to make the production processes easier, and in some cases eliminate extra processes altogether.

With SMT clips and separate cans, secondary soldering operations are eliminated, and rework access is simple.

Surface mount designs are available in tape and reel for a fully automated assembly.

RFI Shield Cans

SMT RFI Shield Clips


Standard Sizes available

Assembly without soldering eliminates PCB hot spots

Suitable for use with Shield Clips S1711 & S2711

Simplified Can reduces Cost

Nickel Silver material, 0.3mm thickness

5mm High

Harwin's EMI/RFI clips are aimed at telecoms base stations, radio communications, data processing and in–car entertainment systems.

  • Compatible with automated assembly
  • Eliminates through–hole assembly
  • Allows multiple fitting–removal–refitting cycles of shielding can
  • Beryllium–copper or cupro–nickel base material available on the Midi clip
  • Available in 100% tin plate and Tin/Lead (Beryllium Copper only)
  • Contact resistance as low as 20mΩ


  • Telecoms base stations
  • Radio communications
  • Data processing
  • In–car entertainment/information systems



SMT Shield Clip
  • Wide range of sizes and styles
  • SMT, packaged for automated assembly in Tape & Reel
  • Low profiles from 0.8mm height
  • Simplifies assembly & re-work
  • Allows easy shield can placement and removal
  • Eliminates the need for post-reflow solder operations.

RFI Shield Can Development Kit

  • Make your own Shield Cans in minutes – ideal for fast protyping.
  • Development kit contains 2 x DIY Shield Can blanks (60 x 80mm), scored for easy folding (at 5mm spacing).
  • Also included is instruction sheet IS-39 and 24 x S1711-46R Shield Can Clips