The New Datamate High Power Contact

Genalog are pleased to announce the launch of Harwin’s new datamate high power contacts.
Harwin High Power April 14 v3
The new contacts double the current rating of the power contacts available from 20A to 40A nominally and the contacts can perform even at high temperatures up to +150degC.
In cable-to-board and board-to-board applications, the high power contacts offer design flexibility whilst performing at high current capacities.
These new Datamate contacts are available on a variety of standard Datamate Mix-Tek layouts.
Suited for aerospace applications, the high current contacts offer high durability, compact size and can operate over a wide temperature range.
Harwin High Power contacts April 14 v2 (1)

Benefits Include:

  • High current rating over a wide temperature range
  • Gold plated contacts offer high durability
  • Meets customer system with high performance contacts reduce space and weight
  • Suited for use in harsh environments where high vibration, shock and extreme temperatures are experienced