CW Industries


Genalog Is a Franchised Distributor for CW Industries, together we offer a wide range of high reliability and industry standard connectors, switches and associated components.

CW are an ISO9001 approved manufacturer of high quality switches, connectors and custom products to suit customer requirements.

Rocker Switches:cw_rocker_switches

This range of switches in both miniature and full-size with a sliding and rotating feature, which ensures contact cleanliness and extended life. Centre-OFF and illuminated versions are included in the range. Other features include maintained and momentary action and a variety of legend and termination options.

Slide Switches:cw_slide_switches

The slide switches are manufactured in a wide range of sizes and styles in micro-miniature, miniature, standard and power slide versions with 1-5 positions and 1-4 poles. Other features include top, side or end actuated and maintained and momentary action.


Miniature GC-536 Push Button Switch:cw_miniature_switches

The Miniature GC-536 Pushbutton Switch can be used in a wide variety of low voltage devices. It has a positive switching action designed to eliminate accidental switching. Another benefit is the simple and fast mounting unique range of terminating options.

IDC Connectors:

cw_IDCIncluded in the range are sockets, headers, D-subminiature, card-edge, PCB and DIP's. A patented contact design ensures a reliable and long term gas tight connection between the cable and connector. The range is manufactured in a variety of plating and insulator materials and ismateable and interchangeable with the majority of IDC connectors.

Disk Drive Connectors:

CW's range of disk drive connectors are available in a variety of designs including SCA-2 and fibre channel and are built with a range of insulator materials and plating options. The range includes I/O connectors with power and signal functions in one connector.

Military Connectors:cw_military_connectors

This range includes IDC connectors qualified to MIL-C-83503 and MIL-C-28801 standards.

Custom Assemblies, Switches and Connectors:

cw_customThese can include a combination of connectors, switches, wire & cable and interconnection circuitry. Switches can be designed or modified to include glamour caps and adaptors, custom mounting options and unique ratings. The can be designed in special materials and colours specific toyour requirement.