-----------------------   GENALOG COVID-19 UPDATE: OPEN AND OPERATIONAL   -----------------------




To all existing and prospective customers: please note that we are closely monitoring the current Coronavirus situation and we are applying the recommended health and hygiene practices to all aspects of our operations. We will be following government advice as it changes and is issued during this difficult time, please see the below for information on how we are handling the current situation.

We are endeavouring to ensure that our customer service is not compromised whilst at the same time ensuring the safety of our own employees and that responsibilities to the wider community are upheld.

Genalog's aim is to deliver a consistent and reliable service with minimal disruption to our customers, for as long as possible. This is being achieved by the following points;

  • Full observation and encouragement of all individuals to respect government guidance on the need for self isolation where recent travel or personal symptoms suggest a period of self-isolation is required.
  • To continue to observe all government guidance on personal hygiene, hand washing and cleanliness of work areas.
  • Advised against all but essential travel and any scheduled meetings have been cancelled. This is expanded by all staff that can work remotely/from home are, minimising risk for the individual and all work colleagues.
  • For our on site production facilities we have given particular attention to conform with all government guidance and advice to ensure a safe working environment and minimise risk of infection. All interaction is to a minimum, accommodated by working areas being greatly increased.
  • Production is running at full capacity to build up stocks as a contingency for any staff having to potentially self-isolate, however should you have an urgent requirement we are ready to oblige.
  • Keeping close to our manufactures, other suppliers and all our customers to ensure there is minimal disruption throughout the supply chain.

Please rest assured that every precaution is being taken here at Genalog and we will adhere to the directives and advice provided by the government as they are updated. Our priority is the safety of our staff, our families and customers/suppliers with the aim to ensure continuity of service to our customers in a responsible way.

If you have any questions or concerns please get in touch as you usually would, our team is on hand to answer as we would normally.

We hope you are keeping safe and we wish you, your family and colleagues well during this difficult time.