NEW M300 Series from Harwin

Genalog are pleased to announce the arrival of the NEW M300 Series from Harwin!

Extremely durable, designed for harsh environments, the M300 range is the latest addition to Harwin’s High Reliability family.

Features Include:

  • Pin spacing of 3.00mm
  • Available in 3-contact single row, or 6-contact double row
  • 10A per contact (51 for 22AWG cable)
  • Operating temperature: -65 to + 175°C
  • Keyway polarisation and identification of the #1 position
  • Connector bodies are molded in environmentally friendly materialM300-PR-Pic-Warrior-Oct-14

Harwin M300 connectors feature a 4-fingered Beryllium Copper female contact which delivers
superb electrical and mechanical performance. Devices suit 18 to 22 AWG applications, and are designed for use in temperatures between -65 and +175°C. Mating operations are rated for 1,000 cycles.

Jackscrews are also available for extra security on the cable connectors.

Harwin have also created a Product Training Guide which outlines the range in more detail and offers detailed information about the product features and applications.