Omnetics Micro Circular – Better Than The Rest

Whether you are using these connectors housed inside of a metal shell or stand alone, the high density Micro Circular have the ability to withstand high shock and vibration while maintaining their electrical integrity.


Omnetics Connector Corporation  Micro Circular Series is ideal for tight spaces and rugged environments. This family of interconnect solutions features a mated length of less than 12.4mm. Both the male (pins) and female (sockets) are shrouded by the plastic insulator which houses the contacts, ensuring the contacts themselves are protected during mating and demating. Outer diameters range from 5.36mm to 11.3mm.
Like all of Omnetics core products, the Micro Circulars performance starts up front with Omnetics trusted flex-pin contact system. Gold plating over Beryllium copper allows users the ability to exceed 2,000 mating cycles. By design, Omnetics flex-pin contact resistance than other contact types on the market.
Omnetics flex-pin contact allows for greater flexibility and lower contact resistance than other contact types on the market. Omnetics standard circular insulators sizes come in: 5, 7, 12, 16, 27 and 39 pin layouts, while the connectors themselves are available in solder cup, pre-wired with Teflon insulated 26 AWG wire, straight thru-hole, and in some cases, right-angle thru-hole.
Omnetics standard metal shells are machined from a brass alloy, however, other shell materials and plating options are available on request.

Omnetics metal shell  circulars come standard in three different orientation types; threaded, a quarter turn twist lock and a quick disconnect breakaway version. Each shell type offers its own benefits for the designer from a ruggedized and usability standpoint.

IP68 water-tight options as well as panel mount configurations are available within each shell type and corresponding pin count.