Quality Approval


Genalog are an ISO9001:2008 approved distributor, certificate number FM27956.We ensure quality
through the assessment of all our suppliers and through a strict test / inspection procedure for all value added cable assemblies.

Genalog_ul_logoAdded to our profile we can now offer the Component Recognition Program of Underwriters Laboratories Inc. “Wiring Harnesses” (ZPFW2 and ZPFW8) under file no. E338838


clip_image056In order to ensure the highest quality product, all of Genalog’s production staff are either trained to or in the process of being trained to IPC/WHMA-A-620 by our own in-house trainer.



Genalog Ltd whilst carrying on it’s business will strive to minimise any effect it has on the environment. To do this we will comply with current legislation.

  • We will recycle wherever possible and keep waste to a minimum.
  • We will try to use suppliers who are also environmentally aware.
  • We will ensure that our staff know and work to our environmental policy.
  • It is in our best interests that we continue to improve our environmental standards


RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) and WEEE ( Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment ) requirements are laid out by the EU.

As a Distributor of components and a supplier of assembled product Genalog is not a manufacture.

Not all industry sectors are subject to this legislation, and as Genalog supplies and stocks both RoHS and non-RoHS product, customers must specify their requirements at the time of enquiry/order. Compliance of product is indicated on our order acknowledgments, delivery paperwork and invoices.

If you have any specific requests or concerns regarding any components supplied by Genalog, please Email The Genalog Quality Manager


REGULATION (EC) No 1907/2006 OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL of 18 December 2006 concerning the Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH)

As a responsible supplier to many major customers, we have reviewed the regulations to understand our responsibilities.

We have proactively contacted all of our suppliers to ensure that they are aware of the regulations and based on their responses, to the best of our knowledge none of the items that we sell contain any of the SVHC substances currently included in the REACH regulation.

As a distributor of electronic components Genalog Limited is not involved in the manufacture of products we supply. We therefore are not responsible for registering any items under these regulations.

If we become aware of any products that are affected by the REACH regulation, we will communicate this to our customers concerned.

The contact at Genalog Limited for any issues relative to REACH will be the undersigned and is contactable by e-mail. Email The Genalog Quality Manager

Conflict Materials

As an ethically aware company that is a supplier to many major companies we are aware of the requirements set out in Section 1502 of the “Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act”.

Genalog is proactively and continually contacting its supplier base to ascertain their compliance, to-date and the best of our knowledge all the products Genalog supply conform with the requirements.

If we become aware of any products that are affected we will communicate this information
on to the relevant customers.

If you have any specific requests or concerns regarding any components supplied by Genalog, please e-mail The Genalog Quality Manager