Genalog Oast

Genalog OastANI-000015123 059

On the 5th February 2015, Genalog had the Cowl for the Oast replaced.

The cowl had seen better days as the pictures show and the decision was made to get it replenished back to its former beauty. So last year the cowl was removed by Dude and Arnette, Oast Cowl Specialists and taken off to be restored.
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After a few months of waiting and the top of the oast being bare, the cowl finally arrived back at the office to be put back on the oast.

It looked like a whole new cowl when it arrived after its substantial restoration work and we could not wait to get it back up on the oast.

After about half an hour the cowl was ready to go back up, we watched in anticipation as the cowl was hooked up to the crane and was lifted up into the air inches away from the building and placed on the top of the oast.

Within a few minutes, the cowl was back in its rightful place and finger with the Director’s Bertie placed on the end quickly followed to make it complete.

Now we can be proud when people are driving up the road and can see the bright white Cowl taking pride of place on top of the oast.