Industrial Rugged Connector Systems

Applications from the largest factory equipment to IOT and handheld monitoring equipment


Genalog's combined experience of over 300 years in bespoke and standard high reliability and durable connector systems allows us to "talk technical" for every angle of your constant production uptime  interconnect. Here are some examples from our franchises.

Harwin's range of Durable Industrial Connectors

Your products are responsible for production uptime for your customers. Failure will cost them downtime and resource. Specify quality connectors from Harwin, designed for industrial environments.
Harwin are certified to EN9100D / AS9100D, ensuring continual improvement and quality management systems. From durable industrial connectors to basic pin headers and sockets, you can have confidence in Harwin’s quality assurance.

Many of Harwin’s industrial and PCB connector ranges are compatible with industry-standard
connector systems, so your swap to our products will not cause any significant downtime.

Alpha Wire Industrial Ruggedised Cables

Superior Cable by Design

Alpha industrial cables are designed to perform better, providing consistent, reliable operation. The result is more uptime, fewer errors, and precise operation of equipment. Our cables are designed and built to uncompromising standards so you get consistency and uniformity in every cable.