Omnetics Micro Nano Connectors & Genalog at Future Soldier Technology

Omnetics Connectors, supported by Genalog, Exhibiting at Future Soldier Technology 2019

Omnetics Connector Corporation Exhibiting at Future Soldier Technology Conference, London 2019 Supported by Genalog Limited Genalog are pleased to announce that Omnetics Connector Corp are exhibiting, supported by us, at the Future Soldier Technology Conference 2019 held at the Copthorne Tara Hotel in Kensington, London. Running from Monday 11th March to Wednesday 13th this specialised […]

SCTX 2016

This year Genalog will be exhibiting at the Security & Counter Terror Expo on 19-20 April 2016. Security & Counter Terror Expo (formerly Counter Terror Expo) is the event for any professional tasked with protecting assets, business, people and nations from terrorism. It brings over 9000 attendees from across the globe together to see the […]

Omnetics Nano Circular

Genalog are pleased to promote the Nano Circular range by Omnetics. These connectors are ideal for the most demanding applications where size and weight are critical.   Features & Benefits Include: Rugged and Reliable Flex-Pin contact system Available in Plastic, Threaded Metal, Twist Lock Metal, Break Away Metal and IP67 Break Away Ability to withstand […]

NEW Hybrid Circular Family by Omnetics

A Smarter Circular Option; Saves Space and Weight Omnetics Connector Corporation now have on offer a wide range of hybrid connector options allowing designers the ability to transmit data, signals, and power easily in a single connector footprint. by doing so, Omnetics Hybrid Circular connectors allow users the ability to save space without having to […]

New and Improved Nano-D / Bi-Lobe Latches

Omnetics have announced a new and improved Nano D latch design. This latch design will become the standard product for this series of Bi-Lobe connectors which can be mated or unmated without the use of a screwdriver. The new latch incorporates finger grips to assist field operation whether the user is wearing bulky gloves or no […]

Omnetics Micro Circular – Better Than The Rest

Whether you are using these connectors housed inside of a metal shell or stand alone, the high density Micro Circular have the ability to withstand high shock and vibration while maintaining their electrical integrity. Omnetics Connector Corporation  Micro Circular Series is ideal for tight spaces and rugged environments. This family of interconnect solutions features a […]

Miniature Nano-D COTS Connectors Offer High Density Packaging

Miniature Nano-D COTS Connectors Offer High Density Packaging Circuit boards continue to evolve and are required to perform more functions in a smaller footprint. Meanwhile, the physical number of wires needed to data acquisition and inter-circuit modules continue to escalate. As data speeds rise, differential signal routing too increases, as do the number of high […]

Down-Hole Electronic Connectors Go Miniature for “Logging While Drilling” Systems

Miniature connectors perform up to 260°C to help with drilling accuracy. In today’s oil and gas industry, researchers are pushing further and deeper to reach new supply sources. Drilling tools must work in higher temperatures, reaching 260°C. As with down-hole electornics, these tools must be flexible and durable in order to operate in some of the world’s harshest […]

Omnetics Quick Lock USB 3.0

Genalog are proud to announce the launch of Omnetics’ latest product, the “Quick Lock” USB 3.0. Unlike anything else engineered by Omnetics, flex pins and sockets are not present in this product, the Omnetics Quick Lock USB 3.0 encompasses SuperSpeed “Type A” connectors sealed inside a rugged, battlefield tested and proven IP67 housing to ensure […]