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Genalog is UK distributor for Omnetics Connector Corp, and together we offer a wide range of ultra-reliable, ultra-rugged Nano D, Micro D, circular and strip connectors. Some of the lightest, low profile and space efficient connector systems in the world market.

Omnetics Connector Corp are a worldwide designer and manufacturer of micro and nano miniature interconnect products, centering around their flex pin technology that out performs the scaled down twist pin variants in the industry at present.

Never compromising power or signal Omnetics product feature COTs (connectors off the shelf offered in 7-10 working days by Genalog), Standards and Custom connectors for industries such as Military, Aerospace, Space, Defence, Oil and Gas, Medical and any other technology oriented OEMs that require the best suited and most reliable tech for their mission critical operations.

You will find below and on subsequent pages details on each of the long held ranges, proven now in many well known projects around the globe, as well as the cutting edge designs just being released that push the boundaries of current capabilities in high speed and could just be perfect for your also cutting edge design.

Micro D Connectors

Omnetics high reliability Micro-D connectors are available with a quick latch system. These connectors are highly rugged and compact in design. They are available in shell sizes 9 to 51 contacts.

Micro-D connectors are built to meet or exceed specification of MIL-DTL-83513. Please follow this link to our page dedicated to comparing the mil spec and Omnetics' highly exceeding Micro and Nano connectors.

The Micro-D connectors incorporate the one-piece gold flex pin design for greater shock and vibration resistance. They will also operate from -55ºC to 125ºC. High temp version now on offer up to 260ºC.


Nano-D / Bi-Lobe Connectors:omnetics_bi_lobe_connector

Their Bi-Lobe connectors are built to MIL-DTL-32139 design specifications.

Key to their high reliability is the Mil. Spec. performance of the "Omnetics Spring Pin" and socket system @ 25 mil. pitch.

Circular Connectors:


Omnetics Circular connector are available in either

1.27mm or .635 mm pitch.

These connectors provide a rugged and reliable solution in the harshest of operating environments



Strip Connectors:omnetics_strip_connectors

Omnetics' Strip connectors are low-profile, available in either 1.27mm or .635 pitch and termination types include Wire-to-Wire, SMT and Thru Hole.



COTS (Commercial-Off-The-Shelf) Connectors:

Their Micro and Nano miniature connectors are available in a wide variety of terminations and are designed to save space, and weigh.

Ready for overmoulding and insertion into handheld probes and instruments.