Rugged Miniaturization for PC Boards Furnished by Omnetics’ Surface-Mount Nano-Connectors

Rugged Miniaturization for PC Boards Furnished by Omnetics’ Surface-Mount Nano-Connectors

Omnetics Connector Corporation has completed a full line of Nano-D shaped connectors designed for automatic and hand assembly for densely packed miniature printed circuit boards and certificated for MIL-DTL-32139.

As circuit boards are used in more portable and rugged environmental applications, interconnections to and from those printed circuits become a critical element. Nano-connectors offer a significant reduction in overall size and weight over the larger micro-d connectors and are offered from 9 to 65 positions. Omnetics’ nano-pin and socket system includes a beryllium copper spring pin with specific annealing to and both elements are plated to military standards using nickel and gold to extend the number of mating cycles to over 2,000 mates and de-mates. The nano-connectors can be mounted and fit into the tight nano-size spacing of .025 inch pin to pin spacing in the boards. Additional mounting and locking screws are included in the all metal shells to secure the body to the board itself. Plated and or solder-dipped leads extend from the pins and sockets out of the connector shell in prearranged patterns to exactly match the solder pads on the p.c. board.

Shells and leads are designed to work well with automatic pick and place surface mounting equipment and can be delivered in a number of feed-formats for the manufacturer. Vertical and horizontal surface mounting formats are the most frequently used shell styles and mate with wired connectors that route signals to other portions of the instrument. Wired plugs come with the standard military jack-screw locking mechanisms and or a new squeeze latching system that passes military shock and vibration testing for pull out force.

The new squeeze latch system works best with devices that require frequent plug-n and removal procedures for the instrument because no tools are required. Both latching designs have been certified for high reliability applications. Plugs most often, include30 awg Teflon insulated wire but can range to 38 awg, to reduce size and improve cable flexibility. Custom cabling is often specified by the system designer. As higher speed digital circuitry and impedance matching becomes increasingly important, Omnetics can design with high impedance cable including twisted pair and drain wires. Preliminary design modelling to predict high speed digital performance in the interconnect system and custom design with solid works are available for review and approval prior to building the final product.
All materials and interconnects can operate from -55 degrees centigrade to +125 degrees centigrade.

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