Micro & Nano Water-tight Connectors for the Surveillance Industry

The ultra-miniature circular connectors measure up to IP67 and IP-6X testing for water-tight and dust-exposure certification testing.  Nano and Micro sizes are available and are some of the smallest and most useful in the industry beginning at less than 9.14mm diameter for the six positions and less than 12.7mm diameter for the 28 position nano-circular connectors.  Shielded cabling is banded to the metal shells giving excellent EMI protection thru the cable and the mated connector system.
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Circular metal shells house the connector assembly to provide strength and handling for rugged applications. When shielded cable is included in the interconnection design, the metal cable shielding is wrapped and banded in a 360 degree contact system to the metal shell to insure completed EMI protection for the application. Finally the over-molded connector assembly has been specifically designed to assist in pre-mating alignment, as well as completing and insuring a strong water-tight seal.  Many strain relief styles are available, depending on cable type and application needs.  Connector designs include the standard cable to panel-mount style and can include wire to wire mating systems.  Standard wiring used in nano-circular connectors include Teflon® insulated 32 AWG high-performance copper that carries up to 1 ampere while micro-circular connectors use up to 26 AWG wire, yielding current ratings of 3 amperes of current.
High speed cable that includes shielding or drain wire systems, similar to Surefire® cabling with 100 ohm impedance and differential pairs, is used to improve digital signal transmission speeds, reduce EMI and match up with circuits designed to those specifications.
Applications demanding ultra-miniature cable and connector designs are emerging rapidly with the increase in portability of electronic products and modules.  Digital electronic products using low voltage and low current sources have significantly expanded the use of technologies in the open field as well as greatly increase the use of quick replacement modules of many instruments.   Unmanned vehicles demanding long flight times benefit from the very light weight and small sizes of the new nano and micro-interconnection systems.   Equipment uses range from those sending higher speed digital signals such as surveillance systems, and offering personal protective systems, such as fire and bomb detection to miniature robotics and even prosthetics for direct human assistance.
Designers can benefit by selecting standard formats for prototype and testing followed by requesting their own application specific connector formats to be designed from Omnetics’ solid works model center.   Details, drawings and formats can be seen or requested at Omnetics through the Omnetics website, www.omnetics.com