Genalog/Omnetics Co-Exhibit at SCTX 2017


For this year's exhibition Genalog are co-exhibiting with key franchised manufacturer Omnetics Connector Corporation.

Constantly a prominent presence in the Military and Aerospace markets Omnetics are a longstanding US manufacturer of Micro and Nano Miniature Connectors. These are built to meet or exceed the qualifications of MIL-DTL-32139 & MIL-DTL-83513 using their patented Flex-Pin technology. They connectors are exceptionally designed for high-density and reliability critical projects. When working with Omnetics, Genalog help to tailor any product to fit design conundrums from inception through to production and are happy to aid in any enquiry where reliability, space, weight, unique design are valued.

The Latest News From ebm papst

The Latest News From ebm papst

ebm-papst and the DV6300 diagonal compact fan
Diagonal compact fans for high pressure and low operating noiseDiagonal fans are ideal for applications with strict requirements regarding air performance with high backpressure and small installation space. The new fans of the DV 6300 series from ebm-papst now go a step further. Besides improved blower output, the fans with electronically regulated S-Force motor also offer additional functions such as temperature regulation, active motor cooling and filter monitoring with a signal output to indicate when a filter change is needed. The fans have a diameter of 172mm on the suction side, making them exactly the same size as the DV 6200 range. On the pressure side, the aerodynamically revised design has a diameter of 190mm and an installation depth of 51mm.the free-blowing air flow is up to 1100m/h3, the pronounced pressure saddle is up to 750 Pa. At 83.5 dB(A), operating noise in the high pressure range is about 8 dB(A) quieter than the older models at the same time operating point. That is due to various factors, one of them being a flange with noise-optimised links. With an efficiency of 85%, the 350W motor is configured for a long service life at nominal output in all components. That makes the new fan series particularly well suited for applications with high endurance loads, e.g. for motor frequency inverters and switch cabinets cooling, printing machines and heat exchangers. These fans are also highly suitable for the more fluctuating cooling air requirements of IT/telecommunications applications such as base stations, servers, etc or in power inverters for wind turbines.

Ebm-papst and their new 420J series of compact fans

High-performance compact fan with great efficiency

ebm-papst 420J line requires around 70% less power input and noise levels at 2-5 dB(A) lower than its predecessor model (depending on the operating point) and satisfies the company’s own high “GreenTech” standards. The much lower power input reduces the impact on the environment across the entire operating time. To achieve this, the aerodynamics and EC drive for the fan – which measures 40 x 40 x 28mm – has been newly developed. At the moment, this is available as a 12V version operating at various speeds. The A 24V version and environmental protection versions are set to follow in the near future. The properties of this new series makes it predestined for use in IT servers, routers or even compact frequency inverters and welding inverters.

Rugged Miniaturization for PC Boards Furnished by Omnetics’ Surface-Mount Nano-Connectors

Rugged Miniaturization for PC Boards Furnished by Omnetics’ Surface-Mount Nano-Connectors

Omnetics Connector Corporation has completed a full line of Nano-D shaped connectors designed for automatic and hand assembly for densely packed miniature printed circuit boards and certificated for MIL-DTL-32139.

As circuit boards are used in more portable and rugged environmental applications, interconnections to and from those printed circuits become a critical element. Nano-connectors offer a significant reduction in overall size and weight over the larger micro-d connectors and are offered from 9 to 65 positions. Omnetics’ nano-pin and socket system includes a beryllium copper spring pin with specific annealing to and both elements are plated to military standards using nickel and gold to extend the number of mating cycles to over 2,000 mates and de-mates. The nano-connectors can be mounted and fit into the tight nano-size spacing of .025 inch pin to pin spacing in the boards. Additional mounting and locking screws are included in the all metal shells to secure the body to the board itself. Plated and or solder-dipped leads extend from the pins and sockets out of the connector shell in prearranged patterns to exactly match the solder pads on the p.c. board.

Shells and leads are designed to work well with automatic pick and place surface mounting equipment and can be delivered in a number of feed-formats for the manufacturer. Vertical and horizontal surface mounting formats are the most frequently used shell styles and mate with wired connectors that route signals to other portions of the instrument. Wired plugs come with the standard military jack-screw locking mechanisms and or a new squeeze latching system that passes military shock and vibration testing for pull out force.

The new squeeze latch system works best with devices that require frequent plug-n and removal procedures for the instrument because no tools are required. Both latching designs have been certified for high reliability applications. Plugs most often, include30 awg Teflon insulated wire but can range to 38 awg, to reduce size and improve cable flexibility. Custom cabling is often specified by the system designer. As higher speed digital circuitry and impedance matching becomes increasingly important, Omnetics can design with high impedance cable including twisted pair and drain wires. Preliminary design modelling to predict high speed digital performance in the interconnect system and custom design with solid works are available for review and approval prior to building the final product.
All materials and interconnects can operate from -55 degrees centigrade to +125 degrees centigrade.

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The Latest from Harwin

A Wider Range of Mixed Technology, Hi-Rel Connectors from Harwin are Now Available from Stock
Harwin has broadened the range of its Datamate Mix-Tek mixed-technology connector series that is available as standard off-the-shelf products. Now horizontal and coax versions of the popular 2mm pitch hi-rel family are immediately available for designers, reducing design time.
Harwin’s Datamate Mix-Tek connector range can be customer-specified in a huge number of configurations of signal, power and coax contacts.

In order to respond to industry demands for fast turn-around, Harwin has made the most commonly-chosen variations available as standard items. The new horizontal format and coax contact variants add to 41 other configurations that are also stocked as standards items, these include power only configurations from 2-10 power contacts and mixed contact configurations from 2signal/2 power through to 12signal/4 power. The standard range focuses on the most popular male PCB contact styles mated with female crimp options. Hexagonal slotted jackscrews are offered across the range.

Datamate Mix-Tek connectors feature power contacts rated for use at up to 20 amps, signal contacts are rated at up to 3 amps and the 50 ohm coax contacts are rated at 6 Hz. Mouldings are polarised and carry  the UL94V-) rating.
Harwin Adds New Datamate Options For Extra Design Flexibility.

Harwin has increased the flexibility of its industry-recognised 2mm pitch Datamate hi-rel connector family with new versions. Harwin now offers its single-in-line, surface mount version in vertical configuration, while the recently announced extra-small bore product is now available with jackscrews for extra mating security.

The vertical SIL Datamate connectors will suit any application where PCB space is at a premium. Devices come with three mating options; friction latch, locking latch or without latches. The additional jackscrews will ensure contact is maintained even in environments which are subject to severe shock and vibration.

The Brady BBP11 Permanently Reduced in Price!

The Brady BBP11 Permanently Reduced in Price! 

The Brady BBP11 is a compact desktop label printer which provides high quality thermal transfer printing at a low cost.
The BBP11 is getting a permanent price reduction of 30% on all existing printer models. 

The Brady BBP11 is an entry level thermal transfer printer for asset labelling, cable marking and much more.

This entry level printer is perfect for printing lower volumes of labels (<500 labels/day), mainly in the product identification and wire and cable identification market. The printer is ideal for customers who have a preference for a reliable, durable and low cost solution.

Harwin – New Product Announcement

New Product Announcement

Genalog are pleased to announce the launch of Harwin’s additional EZ-Shield Clip Sizes.
The SMT EMI/RFI shield clips are now available in 7 different sizes which enables a space saving placement of shield cans to a PCB without post soldering.
Shield clips save PCB space and reduce assembly and rework time by eliminating through-hole manufacturing processes and are packaged in industry standard tape and reel packaging.

  • Eliminates the need for post reflow solder operations
  • Allows easy shield placement and removal
  • Compatible with industry standard placement machines and packaged in standard (EIA 481) Tape and Reel format
  • Spring contact design provides secure retention
  • New, low profile and right angle versions have been added
  • Clips can be placed anywhere on the PCB, eliminating through holes


  • Cost-effective, process improving alternative to hand soldering
  • Simplifies assembly and re-work/maintenance
  • Integrates into existing manufacturing processes
  • Secure retention of the shield can is possible without soldering
  • New styles add design flexibility
  • Saves PCB real estate

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The Latest From Omnetics

The Latest From Omnetics

Omnetics Ruggedised Strip Connectors Provide Fast and Firm Mating For High Density Circuits in Miniature and Portable Electronics

Micro Strip Connectors at .050″ pitch with high reliability pin and socket systems offer proven reliability in extreme environments.

High reliability strip connectors using ruggedized insulators and military quality Flex Pin technology are focused on providing the best and strongest strip-style interconnections in the world. These units have proven both signal integrity and reliability in many of the most demanding instruments, including mission critical portable electronics for armed forces’ systems.

Connectors are designed and manufactured in the United States with performance and ease of use as the main feature. The ultra-low profile and rugged format makes it an ideal fit, for inside-the-box, as well as high reliability board to board solution.

The key elements, pins and sockets, have passed QPL standard tests in complimentary designs by using a beryllium-copper spring metal-pin for mating and employ nickel and gold plating. The insulator body of high-strength polyphenylene sulphide provides exceptional dielectric qualities to help manage signal quality and the ruggedness to offer very low-profile interconnects for higher density stacked modules. Up to 26 gauges Teflon insulated stranded wired are used to provide up to 3 amps of current when needed. Wires are crimped to the contacts and sealed with an epoxy back-potting system that ensures wire retention and strain relief.

Omnetics strip connectors are well-established products in our COTS and standards family, and design options, sizes and shapes are available.

Applications using micro strip connectors have expanded greatly as circuits have got smaller and more portable. Ruggedness has become critical in many of the new uses for portable electronics. Unmanned aerial vehicles require low weight and small size but also demand rugged performance, especially during landing. Land based robotic circuits have high shock and continuous vibration requirements and contain field replaceable modules that need to be switched quickly. Missile systems use strip connectors that can handle the 3 amps of current in a small and low profile module during high speed vibration.

High performance circuits remain in demand but are getting smaller and travelling constantly. Omnetics micro strip connectors help reduce size and weight while remain very rugged and offer high performance.

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The New Right Angle Micro Circular Option Is Here

Omnetics have now added another tail termination to its popular Micro 360 degree series. These low weight, ultra rugged circular connectors are currently available in four barrel sizes: 5, 12, 16 and 27 positions. Previous tail termination types had allowed customers to use this high Rel circular in soldercup, pre-wired and straight thru-hole options.Omnetics have since expanded two of these barrel sizes (5 & 12) to include a right angle thru-hole option.

Since their inception in 1992, Omnetics circular connectors have been specifically designed to save space and weight, while increasing interconnect reliability with Mil Spec components and materials. Continuously used in military, medical, and industrial applications.

Omnetics micro circular have proven their rugged reliability, and have now expanded their usage in an attempt to save even more space on a board with the addition of the right angle thru-hole mounting capabilities.

This right angle micro circular product also includes the option to add stand-offs to the insulator as well depending on your particular application.

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Omnetics Line of Miniature Connectors Provide Up to 2 Gigabit/Second Speed in Highly Rugged Environments
Nano-Connectors maintain high signal integrity for improved differential signal management in portable and miniature electronics.

Omnetics’ Nano miniature connectors are designed and connected to impedance controlled cable systems to provide high quality signal integrity for High speed Gigabit signal processing needs between components and systems in highly rugged environments.

Additional benefits when using the nano-miniature connectors are less space and a lower weight. Previous versions of the micro-connectors at .050″ pitch, and even larger Mil-spec circular connectors such as 38999 have been used, but are holding back the miniaturization as well as the overall portability of many systems. Omnetics employs its standard line of nano-sized Bi-Lobe connectors at .025″ pitch that are mated with high speed cable using differential signal hook-up methods that include dedicated drain wires to achieve the highest speeds possible. Up to two Gigabits and over are being achieved per second as cable lengths are maintained at a minimum length, and impedance matching is managed to retain the best possible performance.

Omnetics maintains a high speed modelling and testing facility that is staffed with experienced engineers to work directly with the designer. This attention to detail early in the design stage helps to save the customer time and money, whilst still achieving the highest signal integrity performance needed for the application. Design options are available and can be discussed as new design sizes, shapes and challenges arise.

EMI (electro-magnetic interference), needs serious attention as digital speeds increase and components are physically squeezed into smaller and tighter environments. Cable shielding and drain-wire methods are changing too, mainly as a way of protecting the signals being sent from one end to the other. Omnetics’ Nano-connectors provide an excellent source of ground management with their all-metal shells and shielded cable.

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The Latest From Alpha Wire

The Latest From Alpha Wire

Alpha Wire Now Offers A Continuous Flex Version of the Popular Xtra-Guard Industrial Ethernet

Alpha Wire have added a new high-flex member to their Xtra-Guard Industrial Ethernet family, capable of handling up to 10 million flex life cycles. The Cat 5e cable combines the advanced technology of Ethernet communication with the durability and reliability of Alpha’s renowned Xtra-Guard high performance cable line, making it the perfect solution for demanding applications.
The new continuous flexing Xtra-Guard Industrial Ethernet is available with a Polyolefin (PO) insulation and Alpha’s renowned Supra-Shield foil/brand shielding system. Supra-Shield uses a triple-layer foil under tinned copper braid to offer exceptional EMI performance in all applications. The cable, along with the rest of its line, is UV and fluid resistant, meets UL 1666 Riser and CSA FT-4 flame tests, and is suitable for use in NFPA 79 applications.

The new item has been assigned the part number 7602F and is available in 500 and 1000 foot put-ups with a black jacket. Custom configurations are also available upon request.
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Alpha Wire Extends Their EcoCable Product Line into 26 and 28 AWG
Alpha Wire has expanded its popular line of EcoCable Control cables to now include smaller 26 and 28 AWG sizes. Utilizing innovative 100% recyclable MPPE insulation and jacketing, EcoCable is designed to be up to 47% smaller and 65% lighter, with up to 87% lower outgassing than standard PVC cable. Additionally, EcoCable contains no halogens or phthalates.
The additional size offerings will be available in unshielded, Foil shielded, and Foil/Braid shielded configurations. EcoCable is a UL AWM 21915 and CSA-Rated cable, available in 100ft, 1000ft and bulk lengths. EcoCable is RoHS and REACH Certified, and is suitable for NFPA 79 applications.
EcoCable is part of Alpha Wire’s revolutionary EcoGen line of smaller and recyclable wire and cable products. In addition to EcoCable, EcoGen includes EcoFlex, EcoWire and EcoWire Plus.

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