Genalog Is a Franchised Distributor for ODU, together we offer a wide range of high quality push-pull connectors.

ODU are a German based connector manufacturer, whose products can be used for medical technology, telecommunications and cellular phones, measuring technology, industrial technology and engineering, data technology aerospace and nuclear and military technology applications.

The MEDI-SNAP connectors have an outside diameter of 14mm with 2 to 14 contact positions and an operating temperature of -40°C to +120°C. The plastic housing means the connector can be steam sterilized or autoclaved so the connector is chemically resistant.


Designed as a cost effective solution for the medical market, the MEDI-SNAP range is lightweight, non-magnetic, has low mating forces and six colour-coding forms for easy identification. The ODU MEDI-SNAP plastic push-pull connector is available from Genalog with solder or PCB termination.

MINI-SNAP & MINI-SNAP PC:oduminisnap

Miniature cylindrical connectors with a push-pull locking feature. Manufactured in both metal and plastic and with multipole, coax, fibre optic and high voltage inserts.

These are available in both I.P. 50 and 68. Now available in the Mini-Snap PC connectors.


IDC connectors used for parallel wiring, usually used for solving general circuit board interconnect problems. Versions for IDC include press-fit, solder and wire wrap, and high temperature through-hole (SMT compatible).


The MINIFIX is a high-density IDC product family of high-density board-to-cable connectors in 1.27 mm x 2.54 mm (.050" x .100") grid. This allows board-to-cable connections via high-density (0.025" center) ribbon cables.


Board-to-board connectors, socket and pin strips for stacking and magazine design as medium and high pole, mateable contact elements. 1 and 2 row with straight and angled contacts. High PCB packing density due to geometrically efficient design. Square as well as rectangular socket/pin combinations are available.