Harwin – New Product Announcement

New Product Announcement

Genalog are pleased to announce the launch of Harwin’s additional EZ-Shield Clip Sizes.
The SMT EMI/RFI shield clips are now available in 7 different sizes which enables a space saving placement of shield cans to a PCB without post soldering.
Shield clips save PCB space and reduce assembly and rework time by eliminating through-hole manufacturing processes and are packaged in industry standard tape and reel packaging.

  • Eliminates the need for post reflow solder operations
  • Allows easy shield placement and removal
  • Compatible with industry standard placement machines and packaged in standard (EIA 481) Tape and Reel format
  • Spring contact design provides secure retention
  • New, low profile and right angle versions have been added
  • Clips can be placed anywhere on the PCB, eliminating through holes


  • Cost-effective, process improving alternative to hand soldering
  • Simplifies assembly and re-work/maintenance
  • Integrates into existing manufacturing processes
  • Secure retention of the shield can is possible without soldering
  • New styles add design flexibility
  • Saves PCB real estate

To request some free samples please contact us at sales@genalog.com
To request more information on this product please follow the link www.harwin.com
Visit our website to request a call back or technical assistance www.genalog.com