Spring Contact Connectors



Spring Contact Connectors:Spring contacts

Harwin offer a range of miniature spring contact connectors for maintaining a positive force against a mating surface.

  • Surface Mount, supplied in tape and Reel Format for fast production processing.
  • 2, 3, 4 and 5 contact versions are available.
  • Tolerant to significant mating misalignments.
  • Ideal for use in portable equipment where removable or separate battery modules are used, and for data transfer docking stations.
  • Low mating force allows for a rapid and effortless connection for a user-friendly connection system.


Spring Test Probes:

spring test probes

A range of test probes, suitable for single contact points, ATE test equipment and ‘bed-of-nails’ test fixtures.

  • A choice of head styles are available for a variety of application requirements.
  • Durable finishes and mating operations exceeding 100,000 for high levels of operational usage.
  • Selection of two-piece or single-piece probes for extended life and replaceability.