PCB Sockets

Harwin have a range of 4-beam and 6-beam sockets, designed for reliability and robustness, they are based on the same design as the Datamate four finger Beryllium Copper Contact.  The SoContactcket design is made up of two parts, a contact clip and a precision-turned outer shell. Available options for the shell include open or close-ended and with or without a knurled section for added board retention.


  • Proven history in high end industrial and Mil/Aero applications.
  • Gives the added flexibility of custom board layouts.
  • High reliability contacts.
  • Suited for use in environments where shock, high vibration and extremes of temperature are a consideration.

Sub-minature _ mating pinSub-Miniature: 00.500mm Mating Pin

  • Suitable for a variety of mating pin lengths.
  • Utilises the Datamate four finger Beryllium Copper contact clip.
  • Compatible with 00.50mm mating pins.


Strips of Sub-Miniature Socketsstrips of sub miniature

  • Sub-miniature sockets using the four finger Beryllium Copper contact, mounted on carrier strips for ease of production use.
  • Available from stock in a variety of standard lengths.
  • Strips can be easily cut into any length and left in place, or removed after soldering.
  • Brass carriers are supplied fitted with sub-miniature sockets.


00.80mm mating pin00.80mm Mating Pin

  • Knurled option available for added board retention.
  • Compatible with 00.80mm mating pins.


01.00mm mating pin


01.00mm Mating Pin:

  • Knurled option available for added pin retention.
  • Compatible with 01.00mm mating pins.


02.00mm mating pin02.00mm Mating Pin

  • Compatible with 02.00mm mating pins.



Modular Single Row Male & Femalemodular sng row m-f

  • Connectors can be cut to smaller sizes.
  • Sockets accepts mating pin 00.40 to 0.56mm, using the four finger Beryllium Copper contact technology.


Dual Row IC SocketDual Row IC socket

  • End and Side stackable.
  • These Utilise the four finger Beryllium Copper contact technology.
  • Socket accepts IC leads 00.41 to 0.56mm.


Special Purpose connectorsSpecial Purpose Connectors

  • Fuse Sockets accepts leads of 00.41 to 0.53mm.
  • ”Shrink Dip” socket for high density IC leads – 1.778mm pitch, 00.40 to 0.56mm.



If you require any more information or specifications please click here to see the PCB sockets brochure.