D Sub Connectors

Ceep’s Sub D connectors are the ideal choice for those who are looking for a reliable connector capable of multiple insertions. As a manufacturer they bring an easy and non complex solution to EMI/RFI problems. The dimples within the male shell make for a strong connection. Used together with their metallised hood which also provides good termination to shielded cable, this offers a perfect solution to all engineering needs.

The Sub D Range includes:

  • Crimpsub-d-crimp
  • Solder
  • PCB

Accessories are also available for this as well.

They include:

  • Male Crimp Contact
  • Female Crimp Contact
  • Male Solder Contact
  • Contact Insertion Tool
  • Contact Removal Tool
  • Spare Head for 702-3
  • Crimping Tool
  • Pair of Latches 9-37 Waysub-d-accessories

All of these accessories will help you into making sure that your Sub D Connector is right for you and help you in any way in to making sure that the connector is in place correctly.

Sub D Attributes:

Metal shells:
Mild steel, tin plated

Connector Mouldings:
Monoblock, thermoplastic, self extinguishing to UL94VO

9,15,25,37 & 50 way

Machined turned pin
Copper alloy with gold flashing

Contact retention:
All types of contact (Z,X,W3,Y,YC) can be easily extracted and replaced.

Technical data:
Please refer to the CEEP Sub D brochure