Pro-Tekt: European Cable System

The Pro-Tekt cable line is designed specifically for the needs of the industrial European marketplace. This cable range is available with a host of features customizable for and by the European customers. Ideal for applications ranging from machine tools and industrial process controls to motor supplies and medical electronics.

Key features of the Pro-Tekt range include: 

  • 300Vpro tekt logo
  • Low minimums.
  • Stranded tinned copper.
  • Wide temperature range.
  • 0.09 to 1.32mm (28-16AWG).
  • Available in sizes of 2 to 80 conductors or 1 to 77 pairs.
  • Available in Unshielded, Foil Shielded, Braid Shielded or Foil/Braid shielded (depending upon construction).


This Alpha range includes:

  • Pro-Tekt Cable – this cable features a unique premium-grade PVC insulation and jacket that make routing the cable easier in small, tight spaces.