Case Studies

The studies listed below are genuine and accurate. Customer’s names and specific confidential information has been removed for commercial reasons. Below are just a few of the additional services we have offered our customers….

Harwin Latch Datamate

Recently we had a customer who was looking for stock of Harwin # M80-863 series. A Double row Male vertical connector with Friction latches

He only needed a small volume but his usual supplier was only able to offer him a long lead-time and MOQ having no stock. Indeed, we did not have stock of the particular part either, but because of our unique product knowledge and in-house capabilities to modify connectors we were able to use Harwin’s stock of the latches and our stock of the unlatched part to solve the customers problem.

The customer was very pleased and we are now his preferred source for Harwin and other connectors. It is this kind of “thinking outside the box” that makes us different from the rest.

Special Packaging Requirement :

A customer requested special packaging on the components we supply to them. Already running a KANBAN purchasing program with us, with Bar-coding and Buffer Stocks to ensure continuity of supply and overcome manufacturers MOQ’s, the latest requirement was for all parts to be supplied in “non static generating material”.

Generally the items we supply are not static sensitive and can be packaged in polystyrene and other static generating materials, however the customer is operating a “Dock To Stock” program that means goods are delivered directly to the shop floor and could be placed next to static sensitive devices such as IC’s.

Being flexible and committed to customer service we are able to repackage these components to meet customers’ requirements.

This is just one example of many value added services we offer our customers. We have the flexibility to tailor our systems to offer the customer exactly what is required, without compromise. Our Barcode label service can offer Barcodes in many formats with unlimited templates.

Cutting Service #1:

3-way and 9-way double row socket strips on a 2.54mm pitch. Not the most common sizes! As a result not many distributors or catalogue houses stock them and quote high MOQ’s and long lead-times.

The customer came to us “out of desperation” to see if we had stock – we did not. However, due to our Value Added Cutting Service we were able cut the parts required from larger stock items with no MOQ’s, pack sizes and a lead-time of only a few days!

We do not charge for this service. The cost for the component is the same if we cut or order in from our manufacturing partners. Also there is no waste as any ‘off-cut’ is returned to stock to be sold or cut again.

The customer was very pleased “… the service from Genalog was second to none…”

Cutting Service #2:

In addition to our MC1000 strip cutter, we also have an Omnicutter that measures and cuts cable and tubing from 1mm to 100m in 1mm increments.

Another case involved a customer that was buying 100ft reels of Alpha heat shrink FIT tubing from us. Following a visit by one of our representatives it was discovered that workers were wasting a lot of time cutting the tubing into 5mm lengths. We offered to cut the tubing into the lengths free of charge as part of the service. And bag them in packs of 1000 so their stock could be more easily controlled.

The customer continues to order 100ft reels and has the part supplied in 5mm lengths in bags of 1000 in most instances for no additional charge mainly when specified at the point of sale.

Consignment Stock:

One problem a customer was experiencing was always running out of Brady labels. A low value item that none the less stopped production if not available. With the exception of the new Brady IP printer it is sometimes difficult to judge how many labels are left on a reel. Invariably it is not as many as expected and half way through a job the labels run out and the tens of thousands of pounds worth of WIP stopped for a printed serial label.

To overcome this Genalog agreed to hold a reel of this particular label in stock at the customers’ premises. When production ran out another reel was instantly available! The consignment stock was then replenished. A simple solution to an expensive problem and just one more way we excel!